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x is a good number if after rotating each digit individually by 180 degrees, we get a valid number that is different from x. Each digit must be rotated - we cannot choose to leave it alone.

A number is valid if each digit remains a digit after rotation. 0, 1, and 8 rotate to themselves; 2 and 5 rotate to each other (on this case they are rotated in a different direction, in other words 2 or 5 gets mirrored); 6 and 9 rotate to each other, and the rest of the numbers do not rotate to any other number and become invalid.

Now given a positive number n, how many numbers x from 1 to n are good?

Input: 10
Output: 4
There are four good numbers in the range [1, 10] : 2, 5, 6, 9.
Note that 1 and 10 are not good numbers, since they remain unchanged after rotating.


  • n will be in range [1, 10000].

class Solution { public int rotatedDigits(int n) { } }